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Creating Room for More: Our Bold Move of Stewardship

"One of our bold moves as a part of Shaken is Bold Stewardship. We are all called to be good stewards of the gifts and money that God has blessed us with in our lives. And for our Ross Campus, we look no further than our building as one of those gifts.

When this location was built, we envisioned a place where new people come through the doors to find that full life that Jesus offers. We knew that when we trusted God to start construction in the summer of 2020, that one day He would move others to come see what He can do in their lives. And that has been happening.

On Easter, we had over 1100 people in the building. Praise God! On average, we have approximately 550 adults and children who are part of our Sunday morning experience. These are people who feel welcomed and accepted, hearing about Jesus' love for all of us, and connecting to other people. I heard one person say, "It just feels like home". That is what we want it to be. Home. God wanted this and White Oak has leaned into his strength and purpose to make this happen.

"It just feels like home"

As a result of God blessing us, we have now added a third service at our Ross Sunday morning programming. Each week at 11:50 am, we have a new service so that we can make space in our other services for more people to come and have a place to sit. People have said they are ready to put other people first and move their families to create room for one more person.

This is what Bold Stewardship looks like. People trusting God to move in and through them with the gifts that He has provided."


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